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A classified ad at WGa-Net can be anything from a small text ad to a full blown webpage. We have sold motorhomes for $25,000+ as well as cars, motorcycles, and everyday items. Your ad will run until your item sells, and can be accompanied by a color photo if you like. Rates are according to the chart to the left, and are based on the selling price of the item, which must be included in your ad. We will also list verifiable email adresses and provide hyperlinks in these ads if desired.
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Submit your ad via email or give us a telephone call. Include your ad copy and your name and telephone number so we can call to verify the information, which we will do before posting any ads. If photos are required, we will set up an appointment during this phone call - call now 770-851-9092!

1983 BMW R100RS motorcycle
SOLD Rosie moved to Alabama
1971 BMW R75/5 motorcycle
SOLD Sold to a fella near Athens, GA
New and Used Bicycles, Sales and Service Perpetual
Internet Dialup and Email as low as $13.46/month Call 770-851-9092 or email