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Thinking of going online with your business? Wga-Net makes it easy for any small business to advertise on the internet. We take your message to the internet in full color, with a flair for presentation and technical function. And if you choose to place your website at WGA-Net, you benefit from the shared visitors attracted by our Banner Exchange Program.

Pages by WGa-Net contain correct meta tags with searchable keywords and phrases. Searchers will find your site easier because of these tags.

It helps if you’re proactive with your website. Your web address should appear on all your printed business forms (cards, signs, etc.) and should appear in all your advertising, especially your yellow page ads. Just to have a website may not bring customers in your door. You have to try to interact with them - visit other related sites and request reciprocal links; check your email every day and answer it correctly and promptly; submit your site's address to search engines. Promote your web address any way you can find on the internet. WGa-Net's banners are good material for link exchanges you can arrange with other similarly oriented websites.

Section I.     Webhosting services

This is your 'rental cyberspace' where the digital files that make up your website are stored.

Choose A or B for webhosting

______ A - Your own domain
        $70 registration fee for first two years; $35/yr thereafter
        $35 one time setup fee at our server
        $29.95/month, payable in advance quarterly ($89.85)
       $194.85 Total due at startup

for domain name www._______________________________

______ B - webspace at our domain, WGa-Net.com;
        $25 one time setup fee
        $19.95/month, payable in advance quarterly ($59.85)
       $84.85 Total due at startup

web address chosen www.wga-net.com/____________________

Section II.    Web Design Services

Compilation of HTML and preparation of graphics (images) files that are used to build websites is a time consuming process that requires practiced skills, knowledge of the internet, and an eye for aesthetics and presentation.

Web design costs vary depending on the number of pages in a website, number of graphics/photos, number and complexity of features like formmail or links. Some websites require more frequent updating of information than others, and can contain high maintenance features like databases for inventory and e-commerce. Webstores are expensive to set up and operate because of the time required for maintenance.

WGa-Net believes that information is best delivered over the internet with simple, fast loading graphics; websites that present the message to the viewer quickly and clearly. Websites with several interlinked pages can be used to present categorized information in an organized, easily followed format.

______ A - The Basic Webpage $200
A single webpage, which can contain almost as much text as a standard sheet of 8x11 paper and including the following:
  one graphic provided by you in digital form (logo, photo, etc.)
  up to five links to other URL's
  email link

______ B - The Basic Website $1200
Up to five interlinked pages, each containing the features of a Basic Webpage PLUS:
 one custom animated banner (created by WGa-Net)
 other custom graphics as needed (limit 5)
 custom backgrounds and colors (describe the color scheme you would like)


C - Custom Website - add the following features to your Basic Website

______ additional pages $100 each (may vary with amount of content and complexity)

______ custom link(s) $10. Make your site useful and visitors will return.

______ custom images $10 - $50 We have graphic and photographic capabilities.

______ animations $50 up - describe your idea here ________________________________.

______ feedback submit forms $75 one time fee - allows you to gather ordered data about your site's visitors - information is automatically sent to you via email.

______ custom feature ______________________________________

______ custom feature ______________________________________

______ custom feature ______________________________________

______ custom feature ______________________________________

______ submissions to over 500 Search engine and link sites one time $35

______ four (4) quarterly submissions to search engines $100

Section III.    Shopping Cart Technology

______ A shopping cart feature with 100% secure transactions gives total e-commerce functionality to your website. Onetime setup for the cart is $250. Cart technology can appear on one or all pages in a website. Setup includes first 10(ten) items and/or options. Additional items and/or options are $20 each to add. Shopping cart maintenance may be negotiated separate from this contract.

______ $24.95/month Secure Server fee (required for Shopping Cart enabled websites).

Note: Online credit card processing for your shopping cart is a contract separate from WGa-Net.

Section IV.     Internet Access and Email

______ DIALUP OPTION - $19.95/ month - payable in advance quarterly ($59.85)
Combine your internet dialup with your web hosting at WGa-Net
Includes one email account for FREE.

______ Email accounts - $5/month each
Use this option if you'd like an email address affiliated with your page, but already have dialup
service. Add $10 setup fee if email account is established after creation of website. *************************************************************

WGa-Net will not post information of an adult nature. Our websites are for the growth and development of small businesses and non profit organizations. Client will be invoiced annually in advance for standard fees and quarterly for additional charges due. A $3 statement fee will be added to the bill each time a paper invoice is printed. Payment of any invoice is due within 10 days of invoice postmark. Charges due over 30 days incur $15 penalty, over 60 days incur $30 penalty, over 90 days and website goes offline; $50 recovery fee after 90 days to restore website for the term of this contract.

This contract between __________________________(print party name)
and WGa-Net is for the above described services beginning

(mo/yr)_______ and ending _______.

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