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Our banner ad program is part of a HOT trend in internet advertising!
Banner Exchange Advertising
Our Banner ad program will get your business name on the internet starting as low as $10 per week. Or for a little more, jazz it up with a little animation or even add a direct link to your own site. You can copy your banner and get other sites to post it for link exchanges and get tons of exposure for FREE!
Web Site Design
Web site design and hosting, coupled with dialup service and email makes WGa-Net a verstile player in the internet field. Shopping cart technology can offer full e-commerce features to your business. Our sites are fast loading and attractive, interesting and informative, and are customized to match your personal style.

Our rates are super competitive - if you've shopped around for a website, you'll be really surprised at the values here at WGa-Net! You can take a look at our online contract - print it out if you like and send it on in. For all the exciting details of our Banner Exchange Program send us an email. We'll send the program details and you'll be ready to get started advertising on the 'net!

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